I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears, behold I will heal thee.
2Kings 20:5

Monday, September 28, 2009

This is a personal and spiritual related post. . .I vent. . . just warning you.

Have you ever wondered how others would describe you? Would your friends all describe you differently. . .are you different around some, are you more 'yourself' around your family? Or would everyone you know describe you basically the same? I know everyone would describe you the same physically. . .but do you change who you are to fit in or to not feel uncomfortable in a crowd?

I would hope that everyone that knows me, or even maybe only meets me for a brief moment, would describe me the same. I think it's an honorable trait. Be who you are. If you want to be known for good things, than do good things and mean them. I guess this may sound soapbox-ee-ish. I guess I have just been thinking lately. . . great people in history and in church history were known for their greatness in times when greatness may have been the hardest thing to be, when cowering would have been easier.

What really got me thinking about this was the other night I tried to watch a new tv series 'The Vampire Diaries' and I couldn't believe the things that were being depicted by TEENAGERS! No kidding. . . they all drank alcohol at a public place, and even talked about being drunk. They casually spoke of sex and there was many drug references! I know SOME kids do that, but when shows like that tell them it's COOL and ACCEPTABLE, then how much worse will it get? It's truly an outrage! I guess I decided a LONG time ago what kind of person I wanted to be and I know that I would stand up against the wickedness and filth filling our youth's heads.

Am I rated or

Having standards, morals, and being abstinent are traits that are more commonly mocked these days. What happened to shows where families loved each other, kids were taught morals and lessons, why is contention and sex considered entertainment? I have always wondered why the Lords name in vain is NOT considered a swear word on television, movies, everyday life? I never could understand why we ignore it, or look the other way? Don't get me wrong, I understand that all of us grew up in a different home and in different situations. But why settle for a lesser standard?

Because of my strong stand on many issues of the entertainment industry, believe me, I am torn to pursue what I love. However, I believe that I know who I am and therefore I can stand up for what I believe in. I can love others, it's essential to love and understand others but I will not follow in their wickedness.

Every day I ask myself. . . Am I an example of what I promised the Lord I would be?

I don't mean to offend, this is just more of what's in the mind of "me" and if you follow my blog you must know by now how strongly I love the Lord and the Gospel. I never will claim to be in any way perfect and I work very hard every day to improve my faults which are many.

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Nancy said...

Good for you, Jamie!!! Thank you for venting about such a real and awful problem. We are constantly frustrated by television programming. There are no programs that we can watch with Hannah. What happened to the family sitcoms we grew up with?

We were so excited about Glee, hoping it would be a good family show. Thank goodness we watched it without Hannah, it was all about sex!

Maybe some day you can make a difference in the entertainment industry, perhaps that is your calling. I certainly hope so and would support you all the way!!!

Love you! Nancy

Jen said...

Well said Jamie!

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