I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears, behold I will heal thee.
2Kings 20:5

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just one of those nights. . . .

Sometimes I question myself, okay I question myself a lot, especially when it comes to my acting. As any of you that read my blog must know by now I am an intern at a comedy improv club. I think I am doing okay and I usually have a really good time performing, but not tonight. It's hard because I know we'll all have good days and off days, but tonight I felt like I was almost just in the way. The show would have been great and no one would have noticed if I wasn't there. This isn't like me to feel this way. But like everyone in the world, we have these kinds of days right? I just don't feel like I fit in yet. I am outside of an inside joke. It makes me wonder if I am just wasting my time and others time. I am still learning and I understand that, but it doesn't really make me feel any better. Audience members say "Good job, good show" but are they directing it to the other players and they say it to me out of feeling obligated? I wonder. I would, so why wouldn't they.

I am hoping this feeling will go away & my confidence that I am a valued part of the team will improve. It will take time. I apologize for kinda a "downer" post, but if I bottle it up it will just continue to eat at me. Bryan gets sick of talking about it, and no one else really seems to understand or that I feel comfortable enough to talk to it about, other than Bryan. People just aren't honest to your face sometimes and so how do you really take what they say as truth. No one wants to discourage you. But we learn from finding our weaknesses and then are taught how to make them our strengths.

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Nancy said...

I do understand how you feel, Jamie, but don't get discouraged. You are right, we do all have days like that when we just aren't on our game. It doesn't mean you aren't good enough, you just had a bad day. You'll knock em dead next time. As I recall, you had a GREAT performance a few weeks ago, that WILL happen again, I KNOW it will.

I'm thinking about you and I will pray that you get your groove back really soon!

Love you! Nancy

Cammi said...

Keep it up, Jamie. You LOVE it and that's all that matters! Everything has it's ups and downs. I wish it was all ups! I love hearing about your Jesterz adventures. I think it's incredibly brave to get up in front of people and perform. Keep it up!

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