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Monday, June 7, 2010

Heat, Smokers, and Swimming Pools

Today it officially became 'summer' here. . .well the temperatures reached over 110! It was HOT! I forgot how much the heat kinda just hits ya when you walk outside of an air conditioned apartment, car, or building. However one good thing about Phoenix summer temperatures is that oddly more people stay indoors. . so that just means we'll have less people at the pool :) Today we had the pool to ourselves and I could get used to it. The problem I have with 'public' or 'community' pools is SMOKING! Yep, most everyone sitting near or even IN the pool smokes. Now I understand that smokers are addicted and that cigarettes control their lives. . . but a community pool area is not the place! This concept of 'entitlement' to smoke wherever they feel like has always bugged me. ONLY because Non-Smokers are not infringing on anyone else' ability to be at the pool (also parks, college campuses, sidewalks, store entrances. . and even hospital entrances). But Smokers don't seem to care that there are other people in this world who DO NOT WANT TO BREATHE THEIR 2ND HAND SMOKE!!! Not to mention the improper disposal of cigarette butts which can end up making a mess and are even left floating in the pool!

I don't hate smokers, I hate smoking. . .if that makes sense. I don't hate those that have been sucked into the lie that smoking is cool, sexy, mature, or any other nonsense. I just think smokers should be given boundaries. Public areas should be protected so EVERYONE can enjoy them equally. OR have designated smoking areas that are far enough away from public entrances, parks playgrounds and eating areas and of course swimming pools. OH. . .another place that is practically impossible for NON-SMOKERS to go is the DRIVE-IN MOVIE. I simply cannot go.

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I feel bad for them though. I am against smoking because well, It's not a secret. . . smoking is terrible on your lungs and overall health, but also because I have a precious gift of life I must protect at any cost. I wish somehow I could help everyone see the damage they were doing. Smokers just simply don't realize how precious healthy, working lungs are. I was dying from a lung disease. . . . it's not fun, cool, sexy, mature or anything I would ever want anyone else to experience if they could avoid it.

Okay, so that's my smokers rant.

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Jen said...

WELL said! You just tell them off! :) If Amanda were there, she would...she does it here all the time ha ha.

Kristin said...

My (CF) husband sometimes likes to use his cough to his advantage and let smokers know that their smoke is affecting him.

We were at a family function last year and it was just killing him that his cousin was outside smoking while my husband was inside doing aerosols. If only they could have switched lungs! ;)

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