I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears, behold I will heal thee.
2Kings 20:5

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am officially back in good 'ol smoldering heat of Phoenix.. I was kinda hoping I had escaped the heat and that when I returned it would be under 100 degrees. I guess not. In Idaho it is warm and sunny around 85 degrees which is quite beautiful but the downfall is the very next day in Idaho it could be be as cold as 50 degrees. Perhaps I don't mind the continuous heat. . .at least it's predictable (sorta).

I guess I have a lot on my mind right now. One of course is how distance can make you realize how much you love and miss something. That goes both ways: I love to visit Idaho and all that it has to offer, on the other hand, I miss Bryan and I am reminded of all the things I love about him. I had an opportunity to work for my aunt at the state fair. It will be nice to have the extra money when the check comes. I am getting so READY for Bryan to be done with school and on to his career!

Speaking of Bryan and school. . .he got student of the course for the 9th time and he thinks he got it in the class that he finished on Friday. To get 'student of the course' (S.O.C) it takes having the best scores on projects, tests and having perfect attendance. It is something Bryan works very hard towards. I am proud of how hard he works. He goes to work 36 hours a week and goes to school another 25 hours. He puts in a 61 hour week every week & is able to maintain a 4.0 ~ He is amazing!

I also have my Cyster Nina on my mind as well. Her mother is doing a great job of keeping me updated :) She says Nina wants the ventilator tube out but they have not removed it. Hearing this really takes me back to my recovery. I remember waking up (kinda remember) but I DO remember wanting to drink and eat food & realizing I had the tube down my mouth and throat. With all the pain meds I couldn't really make much sense of what was going on around me. I couldn't communicate with Bryan, or any of the nurses or my family that was there. I sorta got to where I could write things down, but my motor skills weren't too good. I remember they would only allow me to suck on small sponges on sticks to keep my mouth from drying out too much. . .it didn't really help. My lips became chapped and EVERYTHING sounded soooo yummy! I really pray Nina's recovery will go smoother than mine, but either way it's a road that the toughest of the tough survive!!

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Amy said...

Congrats to Bryan on his 4.0 average!!! I know how hard it is to work and maintain such great grades. And to have a wife too! I don't know that part of course lol, just the other two ;)

Cammi said...

Congratulations to Bryan on his accomplishments. That's awesome! So glad you had a nice time in Idaho. Hopefully you will get back there again soon!

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