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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Greys Anatomy. . .CF/Transplant

So the Grey's Anatomy episode season 7 episode 16 "Not Responsible" deals with a Fibro who is apparently ALL the way through the transplant evaluation process and is ACTUALLY about to go into Pre-Op (lungs are on their way) and the doctors find out that his girlfriend also has Cystic Fibrosis. The doctors freak out and tell them they can't be together cuz they both will cross infect. THEN the doctor actually says "End the relationship, or you don't get the lungs!" What?! I am all about raising awareness about CF, but this just bugs me! I just doubt that any transplant doctor/(team) would put an ultimatum and jeopardize the success of the surgery. To take away what might be the patients will to live?

Next scene: The doctor comes in and says "Is it over?(their relationship)" they respond "yes"
the doctor then insists, "Then say goodbye, now."
The girlfriend asks "Right now?" and the doctor replies coldly
"We have to prep him for surgery and cut his chest in half, so yeah. . . now"
I just pray there are not real doctors who would behave and treat a very ill and fragile patient like this.

Of course the fact of the matter is it made "Good Drama TV" it wasn't a very realistic depiction. I mean it shows the guy sitting there after surgery with no ventilator no tubes coming out of EVERYWHERE. . he's completely lucid and sadly enough, with NO ONE in his room with him, which is obviously not the ICU. Really?? Yeah, so utterly disturbing for someone who has been in a similar situation. The level of a lack of understanding of how Transplants, pre tx process and what it's like "after surgery". This TV show scenario is pathetic and poorly depicted. I guess Hollywood will never get it right :) It's a good thing Hollywood Actor/Doctors weren't handling my case, I would have died because it would have been better Drama :)

Okay, here is my take. Transplant doctors, for the most part (I would hope), are not heartless, cold, miserable people. Forcing their patient to lose the one and only person that loves them and supports and telling them to leave right before a MAJOR life threatening and dangerous surgery is honestly asinine. It seems Ridiculous in fact! What writers came up with this scenario?

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bo said...

Not to mention that any transplant coordinator with his or her salary would NOT have known that his gf had cf. That episode was just as ridiculous as everything else on that show.

Kayla said...

You would think that on a show as popular as Grey's, they could at least research the topics they hit on and portray them accurately.

Jamie said...

yeah, I love how Pulmozyme apparently comes in individual packets with the patients name on it. . .hahaha, pretty sure those come in little clear vials in a big box AND has to be refrigerated???! haha, also, I am sure I carried my Pulmozyme in my purse all the time. lol. Yeah right! But they tried. . they can have an C+ for their effort :)

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