I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears, behold I will heal thee.
2Kings 20:5

Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part I

The Directors Suite!!! So this is how the other 1% of the world live. lol. Notice the very velvety, comfortable fully automatic reclining seat along with a full menu and service right to your chair. The arm table swivels and has a light attached to it for Menu viewing. I didn't have anyone sitting next to (which I LOVED) and the seat was wide enough to hold two of me~ The sound was amazing since the theater was much smaller than a normal one. It looked like it held about 30 people is all. Also the rows were wide enough that the feet could recline and still leave room for your server to easily move around in front of you :) These kinds of luxuries come at a price, but once in a while it's worth the money!

So Breaking Dawn, I don't want to give away anything in case someone hasn't seen it or read the books and are planning on seeing it. All I can say is I did really like it. There are a few things I could criticize for sure, but over all I was entertained & not disappointing. Robert Pattenson's performance was much better and he seemed more handsome in this movie than the previous ones. His hair was tamed down so maybe that's it. lol. Kristen Stewart's performance was tolerable. . .a little 'emotionless' but that's the EMO performance the audience has come to expect right? I went into the movie with NO rumors or spoilers as to where and how they would end part one. . .and I was SPOT ON! I guessed exactly right down to the last shot :) I guess it was just where it made sense to stop it & how they would want a dramatic end! I  must just know movies. I only found one part to be a little cheesy and I laughed but every twilight movie has something ridiculous that I can't watch without laughing at. Aside from not LOVING the cast to begin with .  . . I enjoyed this movie the best so far! I recommend that any twilight fan go see it & if you set your expectations where you have them from the previous films, then I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised. I was!

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