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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cowgirls N Angels

Cowgirls N Angels. . . I didn't talk to much about being on a movie set last May but now the movie is hitting select theaters. The movie stars Bailee Madison and James (Jamie) Cromwell. It also has Jackson Rathbone from the Twiligth movies. It is about a little girl who is looking for her Dad at the Rodeo and finds a trick riding group and joins it. It's a cute family friendly movie. Of course much of it was COMPLETELY unbelievable when it came to the interactions with the horse, but it's a cute story. It shocked me how many of the actresses didn't even bother learning how to ride a horse with the exception of Bailee~ haha, There were supposed to be these "trick riders" but couldn't even ride a horse without bouncing around like a sac of potatoes. Oh, well. It made me laugh. Instead of working with the horses on their down time they were busy laying around their trailers. I would have utilized my extra time to ride~

I got to spend a lot of time on set. James Cromwell was very friendly and he talked to me and gave me career advise several times. Bailee Madison is 12 going on 20 and is a sweet young lady. They needed someone over 18 to stand in for her while cameras and lighting were being set up and that is where I fit in perfectly. I worked very close with the Director and he was seriously one of the nicest guys I have met. I wasn't just behind the scenes all the time. I am in the background in several scenes and my feet & hands are 'almost famous' since I was used for a few insert shots. I was on set long hours and I was not catered to like the "actresses" but it was one of the most interesting, exhausting and fun months of my life :) I braided paracord bracelets for just about every crew member including Bailee~ I made a lot of friends and met some pretty cool & famous people!
James Cromwell who preferred to go by "Jamie" so here we are "Big Jamie" and "Little Jamie"
He is 6'7". . .I am just under 5'
Bailee Madison and me. ..this pic was taken after a very LONG day on set. 
 It is interesting when I look at my bucket list and one of my list items is to be in a movie . . .well, technically it is listed as a being in a 'blockbuster hit' and preferably in FRONT of the camera more. haha! Well I am a little closer than I was before. 

The movie is being released in select theaters. . .so if it comes to your theaters go watch it :)

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