I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears, behold I will heal thee.
2Kings 20:5

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"That's Gross"

   So to explain my blog title "That's Gross" it starts about a year ago when my sister went to trade in her clothes at a "buy and sell used clothes" place. She took a BUNCH of really cute clothes and shoes and when she dropped them off I joked that the girl at the counter was going to be all snooty about it. It basically turned into the creation of a character. A girl who works at used clothing store and acts like she's Paris Hilton and is better than everyone. Her catch phrase is however slightly different than Paris' "That's Hot" instead she would say things like "So was your butt in these jeans?. . .yea, that's gross!!" therefore  she never actually buys any clothing from customers. So it's become a fun inside joke. The best part is that the girl at the counter actually didn't buy much of my sisters clothes. hahaha, she said they were too "worn" which they weren't. . . .I can see hear her now. . ."That's Gross".

This time however her saying "That's Gross" in a Paris Hilton style voice, really IS gross. In fact I NEVER want to experience it again. . .EVER. It's a miserable thing called FOOD POISONING. My family went out for lunch at one of my favorite Chinese restaurant eating mandarin chicken. I was fine until around 11pm. My stomach suddenly started hurting and progressively got worse. By 1:30 I threw up which was welcomed at that point hoping it would bring some relief. The relief was short lived. The pain and the waves of nausea become unbearable. I worried I was becoming dehydrated which is BAD for my poor kidneys PLUS the pain, chills and cramping had become very intolerable. I decided to have Bryan take me to the ER just to make sure I was going to live (no joke I was starting to really worry). 

I was grateful for one thing though. . .I still have my port. Yep my trusty 13 year old port didn't let me down. She flushed nice and easy and administered my IV fluids along with IV zofram (which kept the nausea under control). That ended up being ONE expensive lunch :(  I NEVER, EVER, EVER want to experience food poisoning ever again. . . .so in the words of my character from the used the clothing store. . . ."That's Gross" and it was. 

I'm feeling better today. I'm almost feeling alive again. haha. The ER doc said Chinese food is notorious for food poison especially fried rice. So Chinese food is OFF my list of things I like. . . And I will DEFINITELY not be eating at 'HONG KONG' in Blackfoot ever again. They have yummy pork & seeds which were my favorite but I just don't think it's worth the risk. 

My family all got a little sick but not as bad as me. . .so I think it hit me harder due to my suppressed immune system? Who knows, I just know I NEVER want to experience that again.

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