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Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 2

This morning came too early :) As I stated last night, the Doc decided to schedule a CT scan before my bronch was scheduled to see if the bronch could be canceled. . . The CT scan was scheduled for 8:45am which isn't too bad but here in Pittsburgh in order to get from one side of Pitt to the other you must past through the mountain tunnel. The tunnel is only 2 lanes!! So as you can imagine during heavy traffic times of the day it can be REALLY backed up, sometimes for miles and miles. We decided we would need to cushion the usually 15 minute drive. Traffic was only backed up 1.5 miles and was moving at a slow crawl so it wasn't too bad. We got to the hospital in about 40 minutes :) Then waited in the waiting area for another hour. (I was supposed to check in for my Bronch at 9:15 am) So my mother got a call from Pitt Bronch Lab looking for me :)

The CT scan did not take long at all. After about 50 minutes we got the call delivering the results and ultimate decision. . . . I was hoping for the bronch to be canceled which in turn means all is well & I wouldn't have to stress about the possibility of an infection caused by the bronch itself. However, I did not want to push not having a bronch and miss any rejection that would need to be treated!

I sit here in the hotel room after a crazy day of tests, more blood work and some definite sleep deprivation setting in. I am feeling good, I am hungry. . .and I apparently am not showing any signs of rejection because yes, the bronch was canceled and I am free to go back to Phoenix on Sunday and resume life as it was :) I won't be returning to Pittsburgh for a year! Unless I run into any speed bumps along the way!! So here is to a great previous year and to another great, healthy, happy year ahead of me! Cheers to me!

*I couldn't ask for better results or a better transplant team of awesome caring, knowledgeable, and professional people! I LOVE UPMC!

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Alice said...

Hi! Been following your blog for a while now, I also have CF, am almost 26 years old, and got my beautiful lungs very close to your date, 22 Jan 2008! Also just as blessed so far, never had any rejection thusfar... I 'm from South Africa, and find it interesting how our treatment post tx differ! Here the only bronch I ever had was the one right after surgery, which I'm not even aware of. We don't do routine bronchs, as they've found them ineffective (ie healthy patients got infection sometimes, and those they suspected had rejection had rejection). So here you get a bronch if they suspect rejection, and they start treating you for rejection even before the results are out. Also, you never stop seeing the Dr every 3 months. Even if you're 10 years post tx, you do lung functions and bloods (x-ray if Dr thinks neccessary) every 3 months. I prefer it like that, very comforting, lol! Anyway, I love your blog, find it very interesting!!!

Denise Fahr said...

Yes! Cheers to you, Jamie! Great news!!!

Katey said...

YAY for good news! Glad you didn't have to have the bronch, although I know you wouldn't have minded if needed to. Glad everything went well and you don't have to return for a year...awesome. Praying you feel good and don't hit any speed bumps during this time!

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