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2Kings 20:5

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pulling Talents Out Of Storage!

The last few days I have noticed I am feeling a little more like myself. . .well, more interested in being myself. My interests come and go, but there are things that I put away for while until I find the desire to pick them back up. I think the small bouts of depression have amplified my fickle moods of enjoying things I normally enjoy. But in just the last few days I am finding motivation, and desire to work on some of my talents I have been storing away.

Many years ago I got into porcelain doll making with my mother in law. I made about 6 dolls. I don't have any of the dolls I made, cuz I gave them all away. .
This doll was one I made for my sister. She is a ballerina. I put a lot of hours, hard work, and love into making her. The doll started out as green ware. I sanded/smoothed the edges, then she was fired, then sanded again, then hand painted, then fired, finally the eyes were set, lashes glued on, and wig attached. After the legs and arms were attached, the costume was also hand made. You never know what talent you might have hidden inside until you try new ones. :) I didn't know I could do this.

Music is a talent I have explored through several venues. I can play the piano. . .easy piano/intermediate.

I originally learned music through the clarinet, which some day perhaps I will pick up again. One of my favorites was/is Drumming. I had several drum sets in the past (pre-transplant) life. I have never considered myself a song bird or even close to one, but I have done some musical theater and currently do musical improv during most Saturday Night shows.

I also find art/painting a great self expression. I have even won a few ribbons in my younger years with my watercolors. I am blessed to have a sliver of the talent my parents have and my brothers and sisters each got their pieces of talents as well. Stuffing our talents into a box then storing them in a closet makes us forget them. . . .literally. Practice sharpens our skills and talents and I know when I pull out my paints I will have to work on getting back to the level I was at when I boxed it all up.

With every improv show and practice I know in some small way I improve. Maybe it's such a small improvement that it's hardly noticeable. . . but I am sure I do. I am feeling myself wanting to practice and improve. That is a big reason I started taking the dance aerobics classes because dancing and creating dances is probably one of my TOP most enjoyable talent. When I am listening to pop music, making up sexy, funny, dramatic dances I have fun!
I will be digging out some of my watercolor supplies and I have an idea in my head that I am wanting to paint. When I finish it, I will SHARE it with all of my readers!

*I challenge you to find a talent you have 'put in storage' and get it out. .it might be just the thing you've been missing.

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Sherri said...

Beautiful doll! I'm afraid with my artistic abilities any doll I made would look more like a clown in a scary movie. However, you have inspired me to go downstairs and work on some sewing projects that have gathered dust.

BTW- I grew up in Burley, Idaho. Did you know Trea Smith Searle. She was a cyster friend of mine. Just wondering....

Jamie said...

I am sorta terrible with names. But I wouldn't be surprised if I had at least heard of her. :) have fun sewing, that's another talent I need to work on! Last year I made aprons for gifts for my sister, cousin and sister in law! I still need to make myself one!

Hanging out with the Riley's said...

hay don't forgot riding horses, contagious smile and laugh, scrap booking and being a teacher. I know you where talking about hidden talents but sometimes you tuck this away when you start another.

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