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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Quirks!

I got this idea from a friend of mine's blog. I thought it would be interesting.

So I have a few quirks some more obvious than others. Perhaps everyone has their "things" that just bug them or little things that make us who we are. So I figured I would share a few of my 'more noticeable' ones.

1. My food can't touch on my plate. This one is something most people that know me very well are familiar with. AND despite what some may say. . .I believe I am not alone on this one. Certain foods can touch (kind of) My corn can touch my meat and/or potatoes UNLESS my potatoes have ketchup on them. My Jello or anything of that sort cannot touch anything else. My roll/bread cannot touch anything else!! I just can't stand it if it is soggy at all~ So needless to say divider paper plates are my best friend :)

2. Pencils with no eraser on top!!! This one BUGS me to no end. If someone has a pencil and the eraser is all used up and they even attempt to try to erase something my skin crawls! When I was in school I loved those packages of eraser topper things.

3. Along both of those things. . .I cannot stand forks scratching on the plate!!! I think this is linked to my hate for eraser scratching paper noise. Utensils scratching on plates seriously makes my hair on my arm stand up. Bryan loves to tease me with this one all the time.

4. Pug licking on her feet noise! I love my pug but this noise seriously gets to me sometime. This is the main reason I have had to sleep with ear plugs for the last 5+ years. Now I am addicted to sleeping with ear plugs.

5. I cannot sleep without ear plugs! haha, no joke. If I don't wear my ear plugs EVEN if the room is perfectly quiet. . .I cannot fall or stay asleep. I pack 2 sometimes 3 pair of ear plugs just as backup when I travel. It becomes an addiction and in some ways could potentially be kinda dangerous.

6. Hand sanitizer! Yep, this one is a good one though. I must say I am now a germiphobe and I WILL sanitize my hands pretty much before or after I touch ANYTHING. All my nieces and nephews MUST wash or sanitize their hands before I like them to touch or hug me.... You can never be too careful post transplant with a suppressed immune system. Oh and now I have like a cough/sneeze radar! I can notice a cough, stuffy nose, sneeze or anything from anywhere in a room! I instantly become CODE RED and want to leave.

Those are pretty much my main ones. Nothing too weird I don't think. I am sure if Bryan was awake and I asked him, he could come up with several more that I probably just don't even notice.

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Amy said...

OMG too funny!!!! And hysterical you mentioned the pencil eraser tops. I was searching ALL OVER for them for Emily for school and couldn't find any!! Then I was in Michael's one day and there was a package on clearance fr $.41!!!! Only one though but there were 5 in it so I grabbed it haha!!!! I remember using those things constantly in school :)

bo said...

Why the hell would you put ketchup on potatoes? Grrrross!

And that no-eraser-on-paper sound makes my skin crawl too. Actually, the sounds of a pencil on paper gives me the fantods. I should have included that one.

It's interesting that most of these things are auditory in nature, even the earplugs.

Kristin said...

I am so with you on the food touching. Especially on the bread. I don't think there is anything worse than having wet bread.

Jamie said...

hahah BO. . .I put ketchup on hashbrowns, fried potatoes and french fries. I am kinda a 'ketchup makes things better' sorta person ;)

*Maybe I should have listed that I put Ketchup on A LOT of my food! :)

I DID notice a lot of my things were audible noise things. . . I could go on and on about what kind of noises I just can't stand!!

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