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Friday, February 18, 2011

I knew it would pass

I am feeling more and more every day like the upbeat positive 'jamie' that I know myself to be. I can feel when my meds are off or I notice more side effects and that is usually followed by a 'slump' but I am back on my 'high on life' attitude! It helps that the weather is freaking amazing this week!!! In the mid-high 70's. I am wondering if all the sun shine and warm weather in Phoenix helped me from feeling down, cuz I don't remember feeling 'ugh' as much there. Even when I had nothing to do I could always go out and absorb vit. D out by the pool YEAR ROUND! No looking back though . . . only forward!

Today I spent most of the afternoon at the casting office doing work for them. It was mostly 'secretary' type stuff, but I like being there and it's a positive environment which I really enjoy!

I also had an appointment yesterday for an initial clinic visit to the CF clinic here (Oklahoma City) and I must say it went very well. They always seem to now post transplant, but I was slightly concerned what my PFT's would be since I am just getting over the cold I caught. Everything looked pretty good!! My FVC was like 109% and my FEV1 was 92% so no complaints. They are a little lower than they have been in the past, but with the move and environment/altitude change it will take a few PFT's to figure out my baseline here. Either way it's only slightly lower and I am not concerned with the drop. I weighed came in at almost 102 lbs and of course as much as I wish I could change it, my height was just 59 inches. The clinic is relatively easy to drive to, it's about 1/2 hour drive into Oklahoma City and I will only need to go in about every 2 months. So in summary I feel good physically and emotionally. I really hope all is well with you!

*On a side note: I hate to admit this, but I have not gotten my port flushed in almost a year. . . .Debbie (the nurse) accessed my port for me. It was like gambling. . .I wasn't sure if it would give a blood return or be clotted off. I was absolutely releaved when I looked down and saw beautiful healthy blood filling the tube! It flushed like a dream :) *BIG SIGH* I have an awesome port!

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Somer Love said...

Awesome!!! Glad you are feeling better and holy cow an year..... That is crazy! Glad it still is working well.


Jamie said...

Yeah, believe me. . .I was nervous about my port. I have the green light to get it removed, I am just dreading another surgery when my port seems to be fine :)

Bo said...

Great news!

Anonymous said...

just wondering, why do you still have a port if you haven't used it for over a year? and isn't getting it out a pretty simple surgery? :)

Jamie said...

good question Kristie. . .in some ways it's an emotional reason. My port is a part of me and has been for so long that It's kinda seems like it's my security. I just fear that I will get it removed and then I will have complications and wish I had it. . . so it's fear, it's hesitation to get yet another surgery. I worry there would be complications from surgery ie: infection. I think I will get it removed some time this year. Just not sure when and where to have it done. :)

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