I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears, behold I will heal thee.
2Kings 20:5

Friday, November 11, 2011

Breaking Dawn Directors Suite!?

A couple nights ago my awesome husband surprised me with tickets to the new Twilight movie "Breaking Dawn". . .NOT just any tickets. . .he bought Directors Suite tickets. The Warren Theater has now just revealed small private theaters with Recliners as seats, also drinks & dinner are brought right to you (You can get a steak dinner!). You push a button and they'll bring you anything! The best thing is that the theater only holds like 30 people AND no one is admitted under 21!! WHOOHOO! No annoying 'teen angst' and hormones :) It will be a nice night out. Bryan is so very thoughtful. I was shocked at how much the tickets cost, but I am feeling very, very loved.

The twilight books were something I read shortly after returning home from my transplant and I instantly fell in love with the first & second one. .the 3rd and 4th were not written yet. Looking forward to the other books being released was a great thing for me to have a goal and have something to look forward to, I honestly wasn't sure I would live long enough to see the movie release of Twilight, then there was Eclispe, and so on. . .so Twilight is in a lot of ways important to me during my recovery and post transplant life. I actually loved the first book so much I bought all my sis in laws and my own sister the book for their bdays cuz I couldn't convince them to read it otherwise! They got more hooked than me :) It's just been a fun thing to look forward to. Despite the movies a bit "tweenie", I still look forward to seeing them!!! Of course Edward in my head when I read it was NOTHING like "drugged out skinny" Robert Pattinson & Bella was not an annoying Emo girl with depression issues. I don't LOVE all the character interpretations, but hey it seems to work the movies make TONS of money & Bryan had a tough time getting tickets!

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Jen said...

Ok...I'm officially jealous! That theater sounds AWESOME!!! The fact that no one under 21 is allowed is just genius! I guess I'll have to sit throught it was all the annoying teenagers screaming...you just think about me while your enjoying your night out! :)

Hanging out with the Riley's said...

FREAKIN cool!! I am super jealous too now. I totally agree with the statement about Bella and Edward they are so not what I wanted in the film but teenagers LOVE it so I guess we have to deal with the drugged out emo characters. Wish I could go with you. Love yah. MWAH!!!

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